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18 Exposure beauties are booked for a HUGE runway show this Friday featuring ALASKAN FUR! Styled By Wlaa STYLE and Produced by Dianae Benedetti! Cant wait to see these models walk the runway Friday night: Samantha Bowers, Lauren Darby, Kelsey Hayes, Ashley Shaw, Lauren Jerome, Maggie McNiel, Alea Saunders, Alicia Cabrera, Katie Fairbanks, Kayley Martley, Valarie McCracken, Kristen Ried, Regina Shinault, Megan Sutter, Lillie Weiss, Kelli Hansen, Bayleigh Dayton and Rick Folken!!

Lauren Darby sam-1-Kelsey HayesLauren jeromeal3-2maggie-retouched-img6643-3ppalicia-cabreranewKatieashleys2Kayley Martley valarie-img9786pp-2 Kristen Ried reginasmall15 megan-sutter-img1587 lillie w Kelli Hansen Bailey Dayton rick-folten-resized-img1605

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